How to shoot your video & submit it for the forum

Research suggests keeping a message below 30 seconds guarantees holding the desired attention so aim for a short, succinct message that will drive the reader to seek out more information.

1 Film

Use the selfie setting on your camera, try to stay out of the wind so the sound quality isn’t compromised and take a twirl until you’ve got the right light on your face. Aim to keep the video at or under 30 seconds – showing off your new products in the background wherever practical.

2 Find it & Check it

Open your photos and videos, locate your video and make sure you’re sharing the message you want to get across as part of this feature. It’s only a short video – so if you’re not happy then there’s always Take 2!

3 Share

If you have existing file sharing software on your mobile phone (i.e. google drive or dropbox), feel free to upload the video there and email the link to with your business name in the Subject line.

If you’re NOT familiar with file sharing software, I recommend you go with the following 5 step process below.

Upload via We Transfer

  1. Open on your mobile
  2. Click 'Send a file' and then 'add your files'
  3. Select ‘Photo Library’, and then ‘Videos’ and find your message.
  4. Add your business name to the ‘Message’ text box and choose ‘send an email’
  5. Add to the top & yours to the bottom and hit ‘Transfer’.
    (you’ll get a notification to get a code from your email address here, but just put it in and we’re all done)

Once the transfer reaches 100% we can take care of the rest!